Christmas Worship in Leigh

Although we love all the joys of decorations, gifts, food and other festive fun, we must not forget the true reason we celebrate around this time of year...

The birth of Jesus Christ brings us all together and Churches around Leigh will be helping us to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

The Churches in Leigh & Their Services:

Belfairs Methodist Church: Eastwood Road North, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 4NG

Sunday 23rd the 4th Advent Service at 11am and Carol by Candle light 4pm, Monday 24th Christingle Service at 3pm, Christmas Eve Communion 11:30pm, Tuesday 25th Christmas Day Service 10:30am.


Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes & St Joseph:1 Cliffsea Grove, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. UK. SS9 1NG

 MASSES for the Fourth Sunday of Advent -Saturday 22nd Mass at 5.30pm, Sunday 23rd Masses at 8.00am, 9.30am & 11.30am, Monday 24th Mass 9.15am

CHRISTMAS MASSES- Monday 24th 5.30pm Carol Service 10.30pm followed by - Mass 11.00pm, Tuesday 25th Masses 8.00am, 9.30am & 11.30am


Christ Church: 37 Pall Mall (Corner of Victoria Drive) Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, SS9 1RH

On Tuesday 25th Christmas Day a Holy Communion at 10:00am will be held. All services according to the Book of Common Prayer.


Eastwood Baptist Church: Nobles Green Road, Eastwood, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 5PY

Sunday 23rd (Advent 4) at 10:30am 'Make & Do' Nativity Service and at 6:30pm is Carols & Readings by Candlelight. Monday 24th Christmas Eve at is 3pm & 5pm Family Christingle Services then later at 11:00pm is The First Service of Christmas, Tuesday 25th Christmas Day at 10:30am is a Christmas Celebration service.


Leigh Elim Pentecostal Church: Glendale Gardens, Leigh on Sea SS9 2BE

Sunday 23rd is Carols by Candle service at 5pm, Monday 24th Midnight Communion 11:30pm, Tuesday 25th Christmas Day Service at 10am.


Leigh Road Baptist Church: Marguerite Drive Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 1NN‎

 Sunday 23rd at 10:30am, Advent 3; As was spoken- to Shepherds, Luke 2 v8-20, Monday 24th at 11:30pm will be a Midnight Communion by Candlelight and on Tuesday 25th at 10:30am a Christmas Morning family service.


Leigh Wesley Methodist Church: Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1SJ

Sunday 23rd a Carol Service at 6:30pm, Monday 24th a Christingle service at 4pm and Midnight Communion at Belfairs 11:30pm, Tuesday 25th Christmas day service at 10:30am.


St Aidan's Parish Church: The Fairway Leigh-on-Sea SS9 4QW

Monday 24th Christmas Eve at 4.30pm there is a Crib service for all ages and at 11:30pm a Holy Communion Service. Tuesday 25th Christmas Day at 10am is a Holy Communion for all-ages.


St.Clement’s Church, C of E:  80 Leigh Hill, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1AR

On Sunday 23rd is Carols by Candlelight at 06:30pm, Monday 24th the Christmas crib service at 4:30pm, followed by Midnight Mass at 11:45pm and Tuesday 25th Festival Sung Mass 10:00am.


St.James The Great Church , C of E: Elmsleigh Drive Leigh-on-Sea SS9

Monday 24th a Christingle Service for families and children at 5pm, latter a Traditional Midnight Mass followed by mince pies and a glass of sherry at 11:30pm. On Tuesday 25th is a said Mass with some carols and the Blessing of the Crib at 9:30am.


St. Margaret's Church C of E: Lime Avenue, Leigh-On-Sea, SS9 3PA

On Sunday 23rd Carols by Candlelight at 4.30pm, then on Monday 24th Christmas Eve at 4.30pm a Crib & Christingle service with living nativity (come dressed up as shepherd, angel, star, wise man, animal) later on a Midnight Mass  will be held at 11.30pm, Tuesday 25th a Christmas Day Mass will be at 10am.


St. Peters Roman Catholic Church: 59 Easwood Rd North, Eastwood, Leigh-On-Sea, SS9 4BX 

On Tuesday 24th a Family Vigil Mass (with Carols) will be held at 6.00pm and later a Midnight Mass (Carols from 11.30pm), Tuesday 25th a Mass of the Dawn at 8.30am and later a Mass of the Day at 10.00am.


West Leigh Baptist Church: 1150 London Rd, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, SS9 2AJ

Monday 24th a Christingle service at 6pm, and then on Tuesday 25th at 10am is a Christmas Day service.

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