Folk & Bespoke Craft Fair Leigh-on-sea

Artisan Craft Fairs 2024, on Saturday 9th March, 13th April, 11th May, 8th June, 13th July, 14th Sept, 12th Oct, 9th Nov & 14th Dec , 10am-3pm, free entry, at The Leigh Community Centre, 71-73 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 1SP.

Folk & Bespoke prides itself as being different, not the same boring shops that you see around town, bringing you the same cheap, unethical goods. Folk & Bespoke aims to bring you something different EVERY month!

Looking for a gift or a treat for yourself? There are SO many reasons to shop small and shop handmade!

Get completely unique, one-of-a-kind items you won’t find anywhere else

Handmade items are almost always better quality than factory-produced gifts

Support local, independent artists rather than big chain businesses

Get something with meaning and a story behind it

Handmade usually means sustainable and ethically sourced

Items are made in safe and fair working conditions

No factory emissions or waste

March 9 2024 To December 14 2024

10.00am To 3pm

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Leigh Community Centre, 71-73 Elm Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 1SP



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Folk & Bespoke