3030 Challenge

May 27, 2019 by Dannielle Emery - Lifestyle Expert

Have you heard about the 3030 challenge?

Yesterday I took part in filming for BBC Look East who were doing a segment on the England Over 60’s walking football team who are training for the forthcoming Euros – but more importantly are joining the 3030 campaign. 

So myself and a few other ladies who are also This Girl Can Essex Ambassadors were invited by Active Essex to join in the promotional campaign. We were all from different areas across Essex, different shapes, sizes, ages and interests. But we all have one thing in common. We are all passionate about helping other people get active.

I warmed the ladies up with a little PWR Beatz workout and was also interviewed to be on the news and talk about my background and why I’ve joined the 3030 challenge.

What Is It?

3030 Essex is a great way to begin or refresh your journey to getting physically active. No challenges to complete, no distance to run, no targets to beat – just 30 minutes of activity for the 30days of June. It’s that simple. 

Busy Lives 

Probably the most used excuse for not getting active – but in reality – we can all make time to fit in 30 minutes a day. Chunk the time down into10 or 15 minute blocks, a brisk walk at lunchtime or picking up the pace when taking the dog for a walk. Everything counts. 

Buddy Up & Make It Fun 

Some people like to exercise alone – but it can be more fun to involve family, friends or colleagues. A good excuse to try a new club or class. Throughout June clubs & organisations across Essex will be staging Open Events where you can go along and just observe or join in a taster session.

Why bother?

Simply put – you’ll feel better! When you exercise your body releases endorphins, a chemical that fights stress and makes you feel good. It increases energy and stamina, helps manage weight, improves cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, prevents osteoporosis and cancer and helps with your positive mental health. More a question of why not bother!

Join our 3030 Open Event – PWR Beatz in the Park – with a silent disco twist

PWR Beatz is our HIIT/Functional Fitness Workout – No Equipment required! The workout is broken down into three sections: BURN – HIIT Section BLAST – Bodyweight/Resistance BOOST – Core Workout (done on floor but can be adapted) The workout lasts for 40 minutes including Warm Up and Cooldown and ensures a total body workout like no other!





Check out our fb event - https://www.facebook.com/events/1077747122416647/

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