Apply for 11 plus by tomorrow!

July 19, 2017 by

Residents are being urged to register their children for the 11 plus before the 5pm deadline tomorrow (Friday 21 July).??

The reminder is the final push of the campaign to get more Southend children attending one of the four local grammar schools.

As part of the plan, a raft of advertising and publicity has been going out across the Borough to encourage parents to consider one of the four Southend grammar schools as an option, and to apply for the 11 plus. 

An information website has also been set up at

Parents of children who start year 7 in September 2018 and are achieving above the national expectations in their classwork should consider if a local grammar school is a suitable option for their child.

Cllr James Courtenay, Executive Councillor for Children and Learning, says: “Parents considering grammar school as an option for their child for September 2018 only have until 5pm tomorrow to apply for the 11 plus. It really is quick and simple so please consider doing it now.??“Our campaign is about raising awareness, offering choice, and ultimately supporting those from more disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare for and take the test and ultimately increase the numbers of local children attending one of the four outstanding local grammar schools.

” The campaigns initial and immediate action has been focused on targeting those parents that may not consider grammar school as an option for their child and encouraging them to think about applying for their child to take the test for a September 2018 place.

The council will then implement a longer term plan later in the year which will be even more targeted, continue the communications campaign, and focus on other areas such as coaching, tutoring support, establishing pupil networks and meeting with more primary school teachers to see how we can work together better to promote the Southend 11 plus.

The campaign has also being promoted across the council’s social media channels using #nofuss11plus #yourchoice


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