C2C finally responds to raging complaints

February 13, 2020 by Emily Mertens

Over the last few months, c2c has faced a backlash of complaints over the new ticketing systems - and they have finally responded.

The train operator has created a campaign to help customers facing problems with the machines, aiming to defeat the long queues.

On their website, bosses stated: "Over the last six months or so, we know you’ve faced far too many problems when buying your tickets. We realise that ticket office queues have become a real pain, because they add uncertainty to your journey just when you don’t need it. We know that a broken ticket machine or a failed online purchase is hugely frustrating. It’s very much in our interests, as well as yours, that we get this sorted."

In hope of fixing the issue, the company are focusing on the following:
- Making sure the ticket system is stable by doing software upgrades which will reduce faults and improve speed
- C2c will be using customer feedback to fix the most common issues found by commuters themselves. On their website, c2c stated that they have so far fixed the following: "Having to wait a long time for the beep when paying by card? That’s now sorted. Frustrated by your Smartcard filling up with Flexi-Season tickets? You can now top them up from 0 again. Irritated by having to enter the name of your station when using one of our ticket machines? Give us a month or so and that should also be resolved."
- Providing more choices on how to buy a ticket including a new app coming this summer to help buy tickets quickly and a way to manage your Smartcard.
- Making sure there are more staff available when customers most need it, including peak times.

C2c is providing futher help through drop-in sessions and new "how to" videos which will be played at stations and available to watch online.

Have you had any frustrating experiences with the new machines? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below or contact us!