Can the BTL Emsella really change your life?

November 28, 2023

We treat clients with the BTL Emsella who are suffering from various types of incontinence. Women regularly come to us after years of suffering from stress, urge or mixed incontinence and we also treat men suffering from Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence. The reason the BTL Emsella can be so life changing is because it offers a whole new possibility of treatment.

Treatment on the BTL Emsella involves sitting, fully-clothed on a chair that emits high-frequency electromagnetic energy, which in turn contracts your full sling of pelvic floor muscles. Prior to this technology being developed most women and men either

- spent years, trying but failing to complete their own pelvic floor exercises with the hope of improvement

- accepted their fate, wearing pads and liners on a daily basis

- exhausted medical routes to be told that surgery is the only remaining solution

This is where we see the BTL Emsella come into its own as a treatment for incontinence.

BTL Emsella is a non-invasive and clinically proven method of strengthening your pelvic floor. The electromagnetic energy causes far more effective contractions than we could hope to manage ourselves across the entire pelvic floor. We always explain to clients, if you were to visit the gym twice a week for three weeks and carry out thousands of bicep curls on each visit you would be almost certain that your bicep muscle would be stronger as a result. The technology of BTL Emsella offers you the same outcome but for your pelvic floor and without you having to control any of the contractions.

If your incontinence is caused by weak pelvic floor muscles then BTL Emsella offers you the chance to strengthen these exact muscles with no pain, discomfort or downtime. To have an accessible treatment option that does not require getting undressed or internal examination is the option that so many people have been waiting for and the results can be life-changing.

If you have been suffering with symptoms of incontinence or a pelvic organ prolapse and have been told that you would benefit from strengthening your pelvic floor then please get in touch to enquire whether treatment with the BTL Emsella could be suitable for you. If we could go to the gym and simply choose a machine to work out our pelvic floor then I know we would.

For more information, to book a free consultation or to ask any questions please contact us on 01702 558574 or by email to

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