CCTV vehicle returns to deter dangerous parking

August 6, 2018 by Joanna

One of the issues that is regularly raised with the Council is inconsiderate or dangerous parking at schools and at bus stops. In response to these concerns, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is informing residents that they will be re-deploying the CCTV vehicle to deter motorists from parking dangerously around the borough – specifically outside schools and bus stops.

To enforce these contraventions, the Council will be using the latest generation of CCTV vehicle, which can automatically issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) to any driver who is parked on yellow zig zags or at bus stops when dropping children off at school. Earlier types of CCTV vehicles deployed a mast.  It parked up outside a school, erected a 13 foot mast and then filmed motorists. The new vehicle does not have to park up and can issue PCNs just by driving past, which will then be automatically sent to the driver. 

The purpose of the vehicle is not to catch people out, but to protect – specifically children – when crossing the road. It will also offer a responce to justifiable concerns of parents and residents so as to ensure motorists comply with road safety regulations to allow for safe pedestrian access in and around school grounds, improve traffic flows in areas with schools and to allow buses to follow schedules at peak times.

Monitoring at schools and bus stops using the new CCTV vehicle will commence on Wednesday 08 August. 

Cllr Andrew Moring, cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “The school run can be a stressful time for any parent, and those who drive their children to school face the difficult task of finding an appropriate place to drop their children off. Whilst we sympathise that this can prove problematic, we must be clear that it is by no means acceptable to park on zig zags or bus stops to drop their children off. These road marking are there for the protection of parents and children.

“Our aim for the CCTV vehicle is to deter drivers from causing unnecessary issues for other drivers, and also putting pedestrians at risk by obstructing views. We are confident that this will not only improve pedestrian safety, but also improve traffic flows in areas that often face grid-lock roads whilst having the additional benefit of improving air quality in these locations.”

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