Challenging the Essex Girl stereotype

November 6, 2019 by

A portrait photography and oral history exhibition challenging the stereotypes associated with Essex girls is due to open in Southend.

“This is what an Essex Girl looks like” has been developed by Southend Museums Service in collaboration with the Essex Girls Liberation Front and will be shown in the Fashion Gallery of the Beecroft Art Gallery, from Saturday 9 November.

The exhibition explores what it means to be an Essex girl, confronting negative stereotypes and challenging the system in which the stereotypes were developed and encouraged.

Dynamic portrait photography by esteemed local photographer Tessa Hallmann, captures each sitters’ personality. Elsa James, a local artist and member of the Essex Girls Liberation Front, will also showcase one of her films as part of the exhibition.

Cllr Kevin Robinson, cabinet member for business, culture and tourism, said: “This exhibition will showcase women from Essex who have experienced this stereotyping and have chosen to push back. Every Essex woman has immeasurable value regardless of their accent, clothes, career, beliefs, choices, or where they came from.” 

“I would encourage everyone to go along to the exhibition and be part of the ongoing conversation about how to combat stereotypes.” 

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