Cllr Stephen Habermel elected as Southend’s 102nd Mayor

May 15, 2023

Cllr Stephen Habermel was elected as the City of Southend’s 102nd Mayor taking over from Cllr Kevin Robinson who has served as Mayor for the past year.

The annual Mayor Making ceremony took place in the Civic Centre council chamber and was attended by the Deputy Lieutenant of Essex, MPs, members of the faith community, council officials, family members and friends.

In his acceptance speech, Cllr Habermel expressed his great admiration and pride at being elected to the role of Mayor. He thanked outgoing Mayor Cllr Robinson, fellow councillors for endorsing him, and thanked the residents of Chalkwell Ward who first elected him in 2007 and re-elected him on four subsequent occasions.

Cllr Habermel said: “I really am delighted to have this opportunity to become the Mayor of our great City. I very much look forward to meeting the amazing range of voluntary and community organisations across Southend and helping to promote their hard work and dedication. I want to recognise those who work quietly behind the scenes to keep these vital services going because we really couldn’t do it without them.

“I also look forward to meeting and doing all I can to help promote Southend businesses, big and small, that are such an integral part of Southend and the key to driving our City’s future success.”

The new Mayor took the opportunity to thank Reverend Claire Abraham from St Alban The Martyr Church, who has agreed to act as Chaplain for this Mayoral year and he announced that his main charity fundraising efforts for this Municipal Mayoral year will be Havens Hospices and The Music Man Project.

Outgoing Mayor, Cllr Robinson, wished Cllr Habermel and his wife, Tracy, a successful Mayoral year and thanked his chosen charity, St. Vincent’s de Paul society, colleagues, friends, residents of Westborough ward, as well everyone who supported him during the past year.

Cllr Robinson said: “This year’s Mayoralty is memorable for both good reasons and for those that tested our City. The year started with community events in Southend looking forward to Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. Little did I know that we would soon be having to implement actions for our City to mourn the death of the Queen. I was extremely proud of how the City reacted to this testing time.

“My mayoral year ended with the coronation of King Charles. During changeable weather the City enjoyed street parties and activities in the City centre along with concerts in the park. A few days before the coronation, Debbie and I had the opportunity to meet and speak to the King. He asked about how Southend was and thanked us for serving our City.

“I look forward to the next year continuing to serve our City and thank everybody involved in making the 2022-23 Mayoralty as memorable as it was.”


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