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September 5, 2018 by

As you are probably aware by now we have plenty of strings to our bow here at Scott & Stapleton. I think there is a saying about being ‘jack of all trades’ but I am sure it doesn’t apply to us

One part of our business that we are really pleased with is our holiday lets or short term rentals. We had researched for some time and run the numbers but it was still a leap in to the unknown for us and our landlord when we first offered a property to rent for periods of a couple of days or more.

The property was great, which was obviously half the battle. A charming former stable which had been converted to make a super little cottage with 2 bedrooms, lounge, delightful kitchen, ground floor cloakroom and modern bathroom. Once it was fully furnished and kitted out we all agreed that we would be happy to stay there to get a few days away from our families and it turned out that we weren’t on our own.

I think calling it a holiday let is a little deceiving. We worried that people would want this type of accommodation when they were holidaying in Leigh on Sea or Southend. And whilst we have had a surprising amount of people using the property for exactly that purpose, the myriad of reasons that people need short term, quality accommodation hasn’t ceased to amaze us.

We have had a number of people stay who are visiting relatives locally, people from as far afield as Australia who need a base for a couple of weeks whilst squeezing in seeing as many family members and friends as they possibly can during their visit. There have also been quite a few people who need a short term rental property after their own homes have been damaged. These people are the most grateful. Imagine your own property flooding or catching fire, it must be terrible. Finding a rental property that is fully kitted out that your insurance company sorts out and you don’t have to do anything to is at least one less thing to worry about.

We have had loads of people using the property whilst they carry out refurbishment works to their own houses. Having done extensive works to my own house and living through it with a 4 year old I can really see the value in this. Letting your builders get on with your house whilst you have another property that is dry, warm and most importantly dust free is worth its weight in gold.

Like I said there have been all sorts of reasons people need short term accommodation, we have had people in the area for a few days having interviews, pilots at the airport and even a Southend United footballer on a short term contract. How much better for these people having a whole house to use and relax in rather than a hotel room linked to a pub to have dinner and breakfast in.

I think that the requirement for short term, fully serviced properties is a growing sector of the housing market and it is definitely something that we will be investing in further here at Scott & Stapleton. So if you are planning on building work for your own property or looking for somewhere for Auntie Mable, with her snoring, to stay over Christmas rather than your spare room, give us a call and we will see what if we have anything available?

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