Fresh Face Pillow Company

December 1, 2022

As a successful salon owner with over 20 years in the beauty business, Essex based entrepreneur Tracey Woolley, 51, became obsessed with the idea of keeping her clients looking fresh and youthful – even before they’d begun their day!

Tracey says: ‘So many of my clients and friends suffer from poor, disturbed sleep very often because of their sleep position: we move an average of 13 times every hour during the night, mostly ending up on our side that not only leads to poor sleep quality but can leave skin looking creased, leading to more permanent lines on face, neck and chest over time’.

A pillow that could help correct the posture and stop you rolling over seemed to be the best option which lead to Tracey partnering with the team at Deo Beauty for their expertise. Now four years on and with research which included some important clinical trials, The Fresh Face Pillow was created.

This uniquely shaped pillow not only helps reduce the effects of ageing while you sleep, it – essentially - helps correct the body’s alignment so you wake up with less tension –most especially in the neck - and so are more likely to have a great day!

‘It was important as a beauty salon owner to develop something that had real anti-wrinkle benefits’, explains Tracey who owns a successful salon in Essex. ‘We put it through a certified clinical trial and it has been proven 100% to reduce lines and wrinkles just days after use with 100% of users reporting a 13.1% total reduction after eight weeks. It really is more than just another lovely silk pillow case’.

The Fresh Face Pillow has a contoured shape that holds the head and neck in place, ensuring your spine stays in a good and stable position. It supports the lower face and prevents you rolling onto the side - it’s this healthy sleeping posture that means the user gets a better beauty sleep!

As well as the natural cooling silk outer cover, The Fresh Face Pillow has a secret weapon against the menopausal misery of night sweats with a specially formulated cooling gel that forms part of the head rest which helps lower body temperature and keeps it constant while you sleep.

‘So many of my 50 plus clients as well as family and friends say that the menopause has been so disruptive for their sleep routine’ says Tracey. ‘It’s not only the feeling that you’re burning up as soon as you hit the sheets, my research revealed that hot flushes can last a full five minutes for some women, it also makes it more difficult to get and stay asleep which is where The Fresh Face Pillow can help with its shape that helps promote good sleep position’.

Light and comfortable with a washable silk case, The Fresh Face Pillow is available from and selected stockists and at, price £97 for a limited time only (rrp£129)


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