Gingerline's Chambers_

August 12, 2019 by

Trust us when we say that Chambers, our brand new multi-dimensional dining experience, is a little strange. But who wants normal. Not for the meek or cautious of palate, Chambers is designed for the brave and the bold. 

You have been warned.

Expect incredible sets from the absurd reaches of the imagination, populated by a host of mischievous characters. 

Tickets start from £60 and include 5 flavoursome courses, a palate cleanser, a welcome drink plus 120 minutes of playful explorations through 5 dining dimensions.

Once you find our secret headquarters you will dive headlong into the multi-verse to map its delicious dining secrets. 

But beware. Beyond each portal there could be sinister forces at work. Keep your wits about you and work together as a team to go beyond the limits of the known dining dimensions.

Dietary preferences will be collected on booking and directions to our location in Hoxton will be texted on the day of the event.

For more information or to book your tickets please click here