Giving just £1 could secure the future of local hospice care

August 5, 2019 by

There is now only £350,000 left to raise for a new adult hospice which will serve the population of Southend, Castle Point and Rochford.

Havens Hospices only has £350,000 left to raise for the new Fair Havens Hospice which it is building opposite Priory Park. Today the charity is launching its ‘Power of a Pound’ campaign because if everyone in the area gave just £1, it would reach its fundraising target to complete the build.

Ellie Miller, Director of Care at Havens Hospices said, “We are so grateful for all the support we have received from the local community since we launched our fundraising campaign for a new Fair Havens last year. Every donation, big or small, that we receive is going to make a huge difference for those who need us across the region now and in the future. If every person from across South East Essex gave just £1, it really would help us complete the building of new Fair Havens and secure the future of local hospice care.”

The new hospice, which is being built by Barnes Construction, is set to be open in Spring 2020. With 16 bedrooms and increased community services, the new Fair Havens will be able to care for twice as many patients who are facing an illness which cannot be cured, like Alan and Dawn Hart.

Husband and wife, Alan and Dawn were both cared for at Fair Havens Hospice. Dawn was diagnosed with bowel cancer on New Year’s Eve in 2000. She was admitted to Fair Havens specifically for end-of-life care in late October 2001 and died on 30th October aged 64.

In 2015, Alan, was diagnosed with kidney failure, amongst other conditions. Alan wanted to be cared for at Fair Havens. Initially a room was not available for him, but the family finally received that “magic telephone call” saying they had a bed Alan and, in September 2018, he was admitted to Fair Havens.   Alan died at the hospice aged 81 on 19th September 2018.

Their son Julian is hoping that the local community will get behind the charity and help to push it over the final hurdle to raising the funds needed for the new hospice. He said, “I think in your final days all you can hope for is to feel comfortable, secure and to minimise any stress and pain.  My experience with Fair Havens opened my eyes as to just how totally different it was to a conventional hospital environment.

“The care and compassion both my parents were given extending through doctors, carers, nurses and maintenance chaps just demonstrated how much thought goes into their care. My parents were made to feel as if they were the only people being cared for - they were made to feel special.

“Over recent years it has become more apparent that many of us will be in need the specialist care and support that Fair Havens provides; which is why, now more than ever, it’s vitally important that we support them as they embark on the next exciting part of their journey. £1 can’t buy much nowadays, but it can secure the future of Fair Havens and  I know that, if I find myself requiring this type of care in the future, it’s the only place I would want to be, which says it all really.”

If you would like to unleash the Power of a Pound and help Havens Hospices care for more adults, like Dawn and Alan, across South East Essex for as long as they are needed please visit

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