Have any paint colour you like, as long as its Green! Interior Design

August 2, 2014 by Joanna Harrison


So you’ve watched the Great Interior Design Challenge and Fill Your House For Free and you’re inspired to relove and repurpose but what next? Try a visit to GDUKStyle.com. GDUKStyle’s founder Chris Billinghurst, a muralist, artist and decorator, created the website for fun in 2011 and now three years later she’s getting a name for herself as being somewhat of an eco chic interior style aficionado.

The GDUKStyle website promotes retailers and artisans who, together with a large helping of individuality, have a healthy respect for sustainability. Products are sorted into one of four categories: Artisan, Retro, Upcycled and Vintage, with all features change monthly. GDUKStyle also offers an eco chic interior style service, which combines upcycling and buying retro or vintage wares to achieve a totally unique look but always with a consideration of what effect the materials and furnishings will have our world as well as the people in it. Chris told Leigh-on-sea.com: “A few years back I was involved in a large decorating project and with all the concerns about the environment I wanted to use eco-friendly products. It was surprisingly difficult to not only find any, but to understand what credentials to look for. We’ve moved on tremendously since then but there is still a lot of misunderstanding surrounding environmentally-friendly decorating products and just not enough down-to-earth, easy to understand information is available”.

Her passion for great interior style as well as for the environment has resulted in the formation of Eco Chic Your Home workshops, which she runs in Leigh on sea and later this year in South West London. Eco Chic Your Home classes are fun, inspiring and informative, packed with helpful details and examples of about anything from different types of chalk paints to turning everyday objects into designer decorations and with lots of styling ideas with a leaning toward being green.


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