It's landed; 'Gentleman's Afternoon Tea' at The Royal Hotel

May 15, 2017 by Joanna

We're no @FoodieRich, our fabulous food reviewer who you can almost taste the delights of his latest experience as you read, but we couldn't let this one pass us.... well, until Rich returns from his holidays of course and gives you the 'review' that this simply marvelous experience deserves!

You heard us right the first time, Gentleman's afternoon tea is now being served @ The Royal Hotel in Southend and it's a wave goodbye to your traditional scones, cakes and so many pots of tea you'd made your nana proud, and 'hello' to mini beef burgers, sausage and mash and cider jellies!

Oh and for just a little upgrade on that traditional 'tea', you can grab yourself a 'flight tray' of three first rate rum's or Dalmore whiskies.

To book, call The Royal Hotel on 01702 899 222


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