Kids Review: Adventure Island

May 14, 2018 by

This weekend, we took the little cheeky monkeys out to Adventure Island. The kid in us so desperately still wants to call it Peter Pan's' (you rememeber those days right where £5 paid for your bus fare to Southend, got your a Maccy D's and 3 rides at Peter Pans), but oh how it has changed and it really does make a fantastic family day out! 

Family days out can tend to not be cheap, especially when you're paying for 2 adults and 2 little monkeys, but thankfully, Adventure Island work with a number of local schools and businesses where tickets can be purchased at discounted prices. We got our tickets from Scott & Stapleton Estate Agents, situated at 42 Leigh Broadway (tel 01702 471155) enabling us to pick up a 'blue wristband' for £17 (for anyone 1.2 metres plus) and a Green mini for £15 (for people between 1 - 1.2 metres). For any of the 'Green' wristband holders, adults can ride with them for free! 

We personally opted for a picnic on the beach but there are plenty of eateries situated throughout the park serving up anything from kids favourite slushes and candyfloss to the opportunity to have a full sit down meal at Sands 

The staff were friendly and enthusiastic, the toilets clean and overall, we had a great day out!......... and there is someting that will always keep Adventure Island Peter Pans in my mind..... 'The Whip'! ... If you know, you know!

For more information about Adventure Island inlcuding a full list of Restaurants and opening times please click here


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