Kids Review at Movie Starr - The Nut Job 2

November 28, 2017 by

This weekend, we took the Little Monkey's to see The Nut Job 2 at Movie Starr, Canvey! 

Yes, not quite on the doorstep of the litte town we live in and love, but without a doubt, worth the 10-15 minute drive. And why? Well with 5 of you and at just £3 per ticket each, the £15 made the 1.5 hours of entertainment much more pocket paletable than the £45ish that some of the other cinemas locally were looking to charge. Plus, that's more to spend on sweets (£2 a packet or £3 for a cup), chocolate, nachos and slushes as far as we're concerned and at the end of the day, a well deserved glass of wine for us grown ups! 

The film Overview 
"When the evil mayor of Oakton decides to tear down Liberty Park and build an amusement park in its place, Surly, Buddy, Andie and the rest of the animals are suddenly homeless! Surly tries to fight back, but realizes it’s not going to be easy. The mayor has got an animal control squad patrolling the park? Precious has been dognapped by the mayor’s hyperactive daughter? And Surly has offended Mr. Feng, an adorable city mouse with deadly kung-fu skills. Surly realizes that he has to put aside his differences with the animals and get everybody to work together in order to defeat the mayor, rescue Precious, and save Liberty Park before it’s too late!"

It was fun, easy watching and the kids, well they were glued to it!

The only downside to Movie Starr Canvey is well, the blistery breeze of the seafront provided more warmth than the cinema itself, so just make sure you wrap up warm!

Will we be going back? With our thermals on and at that price! Deffo! 

You can visit The Movie Starr website here