Kids Review - Leigh Golf Range

January 9, 2018 by

With Christmas come and gone (well for another 11 months anyway) and the delightful highs and excitement experienced in the build up to the big day by the little monkey's (not to mention the ££££ spent) it's always hard to know what to do in January to keep them entertained... especially when good old English weather seems to be serving us up a rather chilly winter. 

But not to be put off by the thought of frozen cockles and with an obligatory pit stop at The Peterboat to warm us grown up's up, we took the little ones along to Leigh Golf Range. Built on reclaimed land next to Two Tree Island nature reserve, it's easily accessible and a short scoot for the little people. 

For just £3.50 you get 50 balls which can of course be topped up at any time providing a good hours entertainment and although we may not quite have a Dustin Johnson on our hands just yet, we reckon were not far off! 

For more information on Leigh Golf Range including contact details and opening hours, please click here