Local children to express their feelings about grief in the Leigh-on-sea Art Trail

June 27, 2024

Children supported by Havens Hospices have expressed their feelings about grief through artwork, which will be displayed in the Leigh Art Trail.

Artwork created by children in counselling sessions or wellbeing support groups at Havens Hospices will be featured in the Leigh Art Trail in The Living Room, Leigh Road, SS9 1JE, on the 6th and 7th of July from 10am to 3pm.

The art exhibition ‘Grief from a Child’s Eyes—let’s Talk about the Elephant in the Room’ will consist of 20 pieces of artwork created by children aged 5 to 18. The art pieces explore the often-confused feelings and thoughts of young people and children who have experienced loss at Havens Hospices. It also explores the feelings of children, supported by Little Havens, who have been diagnosed with a complex condition and grieve the things their incurable diagnosis has taken away from them.

The Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Team at Little Havens find many youngsters who have experienced the death of a sibling, parent, grandparent or anyone special to them often feel invisible, trying to process feelings that even adults don’t fully understand. Art and creative therapy are valuable tools to help children express thoughts and feelings that can be too hard to verbalise. Creative techniques like painting, drawing and poetry open up conversations with children and often evoke memories of their loved ones who have died.

Katherine Barrett, a Children’s and Young Person Counsellor at the charity, says, “The children and young people choosing to share their work are showing such bravery and courage in doing so. I hope that this empowers them to feel proud and to know that their work can make such a huge difference and impact to others too.”

At the Little Haven’s exhibition, children will have the chance to take part in an activity based on the book The Invisible String. The book is about talking to children about how there is a bond that can’t be seen but is always there, connecting people with love. It connects friends and family, no matter how far apart they are.

Little Havens provides specialist care and support for babies, children, and young people in Essex and the surrounding boroughs who live with complex or incurable conditions.

The free exhibition will be held in The Living Room, Leigh Road, SS9 1JE, on the 6th and 7th of July 6th from 10am to 3pm.


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