London Southend Airport publishes new price list to incentivise quieter and cleaner aircraft

October 13, 2021

London Southend Airport has introduced a new tariff incentivising the use of quieter and cleaner aircraft – its latest step as part of its Connecting Communities commitment.

The new noise surcharges, that include significantly higher fees relating to night-time operations, will help encourage the use of quieter planes and daytime operations.

The airport has also introduced charging to encourage cleaner aircraft with a NOx Emission Surcharge of £3.50 per kg NOx per movement.

Glyn Jones, CEO, London Southend Airport, “The new price list reflects our focus on actively reducing community and environmental impacts to ensure we can continue to operate sustainably, whilst maintaining our excellent service and standards.”

The new price list was effective from 1 October 2021 and can be viewed at 

To view the Environmental Action Plan please visit


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