Lorraine meets Hollywood!

June 26, 2018 by Ella Connor

There is no denying that the ladies of Hollywood have held our fascination for decades upon decades with their immaculate style.

Although fashion's and style's change, no one can get enough of the Hollywood glamour; from the likes of traditional school proms and even back gracing the Cat walk stages in Milan, London & Paris and everyone just wants more of it!

Working on models all around the world, and now even on famous Hollywood actresses in Beverly Hills we can truly say we’ve had an amazing and busy times here at Ella Connor! With our fully fledged MUA Lorraine Igoe you are now able to come to Ella Connor and recieve some classic glamour for yourself!... and why wouldn't you! We've brought Hollywood to little old Leigh-on-sea! 

With all the new skills and a shed load of experience here at Ella Connor, we are now incredibly excited to be introducing a 'VIP Monday Bliss Service' from September. This is a personal, one to one, unique service where you will be made to feel like a million dollars... just like in Hollywood! 

Here's how it works: 

1. Pay by the hour for a one to one service with your chosen stylist

2. All you need's are fulfilled throughout the day 

3. The whole service includes beverages and snacks

4. By appointment only;  must be pre booked due to limited availability 

5. Prices are from £45 to £65 an hour depending on the level of your chosen stylist

6. Any Hair treatments are included in the hourly service

7. Most importantly .......Sit down and relax

Please note, a minimum 2 hour slot is required. 

If your interested or have any queries please contact the salon on 01702 482606 



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