Mughal Dynasty writes on the dishes from the region of Kodaga

October 27, 2023

This month we would like to share with you some dishes from the region of Kodaga, a small district in the southwest tip of the country in the highlands of Southern Karnataka.

The region enjoys some unique rice dishes and, when it isn’t eaten plain, it may be eaten with ghee (clarified butter) or cooked in ghee with meat to create a palao. Broken rice, or rice broken during processing or transport, is often eaten with ghee, honey and coconut for breakfast. Kadambuttu is also another popular dish in the region and is made by mashing steamed rice into balls which are eaten with pork curry in thick sauce.

Banana deserts are also popular; take koale puttu for instance which is banana mashed with coconuts, steamed in banana leaves as to give a brown brick that is eaten either cold or hot with butter. Thambuttu, another dish, is made from rice, which is roasted and then powdered, mixed with mashed banana and eaten with coconut, ghee and roasted sesame seeds.


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