Nominate a star for the 'Making Every Day Count' Awards 2024!

January 30, 2024

Havens Hospices is asking the local community to nominate a colleague or volunteer for their annual ‘Havens Hospices Star Awards’.

The charity, which cares for people of all ages living with an incurable illness across Essex, is inviting patients and their families or friends to nominate a star for their ‘Making Every Day Count’ award.

Awarded to a colleague or volunteer who has provided exceptional support, services or outstanding care to patients and families in 2023, the ‘Making Every Day Count’ award is the perfect chance to recognise the important work they do for the local community.

Last year, saw Heather Bennett, a Little Havens Community Respite Carer, win the award for continually ensuring the patients and families she cares for are happy, safe and supported.

Liz Stannard, the organiser of the awards for Havens Hospices, says, “Did a colleague or team go above and beyond to create treasured memories? If so, we would love to hear from you!

“This a great opportunity for the people and families we care for and support to show their appreciation for our amazing colleagues and volunteers, giving them the chance to shine.”

Havens Hospices provides a wide range of care and support options for patients and their loved ones based on their needs and wishes. This can be in the comfort of their own home, the community, in their hospices – Fair Havens for adults or Little Havens for children - or a combination.

Their care and support includes everyone, extending to partners, family and friends to make sure the right support is there for patients and the people who matter to them, where and when they need it.

Visit to nominate for the ‘Making Every Day Count’ award. Nominations close at 5pm on Wednesday 7th February.


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