Not the 9 to 5: Put the ‘U’ in your business

July 15, 2019 by Emma Smith from Los Social Ltd

I adore working with clients to develop their brand and business strategy: and the biggest pay off for me is when I can support them in creating a brand that emulates everything they stand for.

Vital to developing a business with longevity is being true to the person behind the brand. We start with the person pulling the purse-strings and putting the hours in. What are their values, what opinions do they hold, what are they passionate about? When developing a brand persona and strategy it’s vital you stay true to you. Pick your strongest attributes, your beliefs and values and use them as the foundation for your business. Don’t fall into the trap of creating a business persona: it may come across as false and ingenuine. Be honest and credible: you’ll find the whole process easier in the long run.

The next step is to research the ideal customer: what is important to them? What are they looking for? What is their pain point and how can we solve it? Many companies think about their product and how to push it, promote it and talk about it. They forget that most people would prefer to hear about things that benefit them. Instead of talking about our product, how about we listen to what our potential customers are looking for?

Then the magic happens. We find the biting point; the part where the customers’ need fuses with our product or service. And the content strategy is formed.

You’ll have clarity on whether a social presence is key, versus a website. Whether you need to focus on Instagram to attract & inspire, or Twitter to create and engage in conversations. The content strategy will be unique to your business and your customer: there is no ‘one size fits all.’ Choose platforms you are comfortable with, that align to your personality. And if you need some help, take it: don’t fake it.

If you need any support in developing your brand or content strategy, get in touch with Emma at Los Social for a free consultation and quote.

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