Once upon a time in a sun kissed universe....

May 14, 2018 by Lorraine @ Ella Connor Hair & Beauty

Come spring and summer, I think I am safe in saying that us ladies, well we simply love a little glow.

But, we're now in 2018 and over the years we have been educated and influenced by medical facts and the media about looking after both our skin and hair in the right way!. 

Long gone are the days of smothering ourselves in baby oil and roasting in the sun until we resemble something even George Hamilton would be envious of, as have the days of spritzing 'Sun-In' or lemon juice into our hair . Who said you needed to be fresh from your morning surf to get that envious top to toe sun kissed glow anyway?

The tanning for now, ill have to leave with you, but well, on the hair side of things, beachy highlights have never been more popular, thanks to Balayage highlights and skilled stylists. No matter your hair color or tone with the amazing protection of Bond Ulim8, yoou can basically have beach highlights made for you! 

So how does it work exactly? The formula acts as a barrier whilst the lightening or colour is developing. Bond Ultim8 Protect your hair with 8 benefits in
1️⃣Helps protect bonds during lightening
2️⃣Maintains expected lift
3️⃣No reformulation needed
4️⃣No additional time needed
5️⃣Helps prevent hair breakage
6️⃣Helps preserve hair fibers
7️⃣Deeply nourishes
8️⃣Hair looks healthier

... and the best bit, it all starts from just £25!!

This article is by Lorraine at Ella Connor. 
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