Our 5 Minutes with Dannielle Emery

May 15, 2019 by Leigh-on-sea.com

1. Lets introduce you with your vital stats…. What’s your name and what local business do you own? 
Hi, my name is Dannielle Emery and I own Reward Fitness and Freshleigh both based in Leigh On Sea

2. Can you tell us a bit more about Reward Fitness and Freshleigh ? Where can we find you and what do you do?

Reward Fitness is a fitness studio for women by women where we provide fun and unique exercise classes that you won’t see in a gym. We are based at 6 Nelson Road, SS9 3Hu by Chalkwell Hall School. Freshleigh is a juice and smoothie bar with a juice delivery service and we are based at 2 Nelson Road, SS9 3HU by Chalkwell Hall School.  

3. What have you found is key to running a successful business in leigh-on-sea?
Consistency and authenticity, I’ve had a difficult year after my Dad died and things haven’t run have smoothly as I would have liked but am getting back to my old self and things are starting to get back to normal. We have lots of exciting projects coming up and had some fantastic opportunities come our way from hard work and working with great people so we must be doing something right.

4. What made you decide on a career within your sector?

I used to be a dancer so always been active but I fell into the fitness industry and loved it. I have quickly progressed ever since and am now a Master Trainer and Presenter in the fitness industry and present at a lot of events across the UK and around the world. After doing a juice detox myself I really enjoyed and appreciated the benefits and thought I should put my nutrition qualification to use which is when Freshleigh was born.

5. So, a little more about the little town that we all love… Where is your favourite place in leigh-on-sea? Are you more of a broadway soul or an old town soul?
It depends on the time of year, during the summer I’m definitely an old town soul, taking my daughter to Leigh Beach or sitting outside the Peterboat. In the colder months it’s more Broadway, I love our little parade of shops, bars and restaurants and so on.

6. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

Somewhere hot but still by the sea.

7. Can you tell us your favourite memory you hold in Leigh-on-sea? 

Probably my 1st walk down the Broadway after having my daughter Silva, it was a lovely sunny day and I just remember thinking I’m so glad she gets to grow up here.

8. Do you have a favourite bar or restaurant you go to in the town and if so, which one is it and why?
I love a bit of the Estuary, it’s a family favourite whenever anyone comes to visit, we can spend hours in there, especially if it’s nice weather, sitting outside enjoying a nice meal with a glass of prosecco or two, or three or four lol.

9. When did you last do a forward roll? 
Haha yesterday in my dance class, had to demo it for the kids.

10. Finally, there any immediate exciting plans in the pipeline for Reward Fitness and Freshleigh that you would like to share with our leigh-on-sea.com readers?
Freshleigh will be changing slightly and we have some amazing corporate events we are catering for coming up. Reward Fitness will be involved in some exciting events including teaching at The Royals Shopping Centre Spring Into Life event, our own Pramtastic On The Promenade 5k walk, launching our new Shape Up course as well as some events with Southend Council and Public Health plus many more so watch this space and check out our fb page to keep updated