Our 5 Minutes with Emma Smith

July 8, 2019 by Leigh-on-sea.com

1. Lets introduce you with your vital stats…. What’s your name and what local business do you own? 
My name is Emma Smith and I own Los Social Ltd which is a digital marketing consultancy based in our lovely town

2. Can you tell us a bit more about Los Social? Where can we find you and what do you do?
I set up Los Social in January this year after working in media and advertising in Central London for 17 years. 

I absolutely love working in a creative environment - brainstorming, problem-solving, creating strategies and working collaboratively. I’ve basically taken all the the parts of my career that I adore, and used them to lay the foundations of Los Social. 

We are a digital marketing business, providing support with strategy, branding, content & social media. Leigh-on-sea is an area bursting with entrepreneurs, so it was a no-brainer that my business is focused on providing support and advice to start-ups and small businesses based here.

As for where are we: usually in Corner Club, Birdwood or another local eatery getting to know new clients!

3. What have you found is key to running a successful business in Leigh-on-sea?
We live in an incredibly collaborative place, so being open to work with and alongside your possible competitors & complementary businesses is key. 

Building a network of like-minded people has already benefited me hugely. I have also embraced the local traders and ‘business people of tomorrow’ by offering free, no-obligation strategy sessions as the local Lovely Things Hub pop-up market. I believe that by giving people a helping hand you stand a better chance of playing a role in their future.

4. What made you decide on a career within your sector?
I honestly love working with people, and developing ideas. I get a real sense of achievement every time I send out a proposal and receive feedback from customers. As a mum of two small children, I feel it important to continue working in a field I enjoy and which enables me to be creative and strategic. When I’m not reading bedtime stories and playing with lego!

5. So, a little more about the little town that we all love… Where is your favourite place in Leigh-on-sea? Are you more of a broadway soul or an old town soul? 
That’s a tough one! As a family we love going down to Old Leigh and getting chips on a sunny evening. The Smack is a go-to pub for us, and the Mayflower’s food is fantastic. However, all four of us love a ploughman’s from Piggy Went to Market, and we are massive fans of Cookies & Cones! We basically spend most weekends eating & drinking!

6. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?
New York (not forever, but maybe a year or two). I had visited a few times, but it wasn’t until we took our son when he was tiny that we realised how incredible and accessible it is for people of all ages. We ventured into Greenwich Village & Chelsea and it just felt so inviting.

7. Can you tell us your favourite memory you hold in Leigh-on-sea? 
Definitely our wedding day. We were married at St Clement’s Church and it was perfect. So many local people came and watched us leave the church & we had beeps from cars all the way to and from the service. It was also a beautifully sunny day so the views of the estuary were a wonderful.

8. Do you have a favourite bar or restaurant you go to in the town and if so, which one is it and why? 
La Sirena is our local and always a winner. And Henry Burgers. For drinks and food. It’s just a flavour sensation. 

9. When did you last do a forward roll? 
I’ve literally just done one to see if I still could! So, today.

10. Finally, there any immediate exciting plans in the pipeline for Los Social that you would like to share with our leigh-on-sea.com readers?
It is still fairly early days for us, although we’re working with several clients at the moment. Sneak peeks into what we’re doing can be found on our instagram @los_social_ltd. 

We are attending the Lovely Things hub at the Oasis Cafe on the Leigh Rd this Saturday (22nd June) from 11am - 2pm. If anyone is interested in a 15 minute speed-date (strictly work related!) please get in touch.