Our 5 Minutes with Justine Heal

May 27, 2019 by Leigh-on-sea.com

1. Lets introduce you with your vital stats…. What’s your name and what local business do you own? 
My name is Justine Heal and I own Just Fox and Just Cheek Fashion Boutique.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about both Just Fox & Just Cheek? Where can we find you and what do you do?
Over the two shops we offer an extensive range of leading women's fashion with brands including Forever Unique, Morgan, Ottod'ame, Valentino & Ravel to name but a few. We can be found in Clements Arcade (Just Fox) or 23a Broadway (Just Cheek). 

3. What have you found is key to running a successful business in leigh-on-sea?
I have found that establising and building relationships with clients both new and old is key...... that and and of course buying the right stock for all ages and styles.

4. What made you decide on a career within your sector?
If im honest, it happened by total accident. I have always had a massive interest in fashion and what people should and shouldn’t wear. Some years ago I met Carol who originally owned Just Fox and I started to work for her one day a week. In time, I increased my days and before I knew it, bought into the shop as a partner. A few years ago Carol retired so I became the sole owner and just a short while later, recognizing a gap in the market for swim wear, loungewear and more high street priced fashion, I opened Just Cheek. 

5. So, a little more about the little town that we all love… Where is your favourite place in leigh-on-sea? Are you more of a broadway soul or an old town soul?
I have to say im 50/50. I love going to Sara's Tea Garden with Ted the Ledge and to The Peterboat on my days off, but equally I love the bustle of the broadway 

6. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?
Im really fortunate to own a house in Benahavis in Spain where I spend my spare time. One day, im sure i'll be more in Benahavis than Leigh-on-sea.

7. Do you have a favourite bar or restaurant you go to in the town and if so, which one is it and why? 
I love all the bars and restaurants. I especially like Cucina ; it's a combiantion of the authenticity of the food there and the hand picked wine by owner Alex that really makes it one of my favourite places to go. 

8. When did you last tap dance?
A few weeks ago, it was my birthday and I decided to celebrate it with the triple time step. 

9. Finally, are there any immediate exciting plans in the pipeline for Just Fox or Just Cheek that you would like to share with our leigh-on-sea.com readers?
We have managed to grow from strength to strength over the years and will be extending it in allowing our busy clients to shop online in the near future so they can reach us wherever they're in the world. 

Visit Just Fox at Clements Arcade or Just Cheek at 23a Broadway for their full stock list.



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