Our Interview with Diversity!

September 9, 2019 by Leigh-on-sea.com

Congratulations on 10 years of Diversity! Did you think you would still be going 10 years on?
Ashley: I never really thought about it, I didn’t know if we’d still be doing it a year on to be honest! We were hoping for a year or two so 10 is a bonus. 

You’ve done some pretty amazing things in the last 10 years, but do you have a career highlight?
Jordan: For me personally, it’s the first time we sold out the O2. Turning up and seeing it on the screen outside was like what? But then we done it a few more times and the novelty wore off. 

Ashley: We haven’t even done it yet but the 10 year tour is mine. When I think about the show and what’s in it, to be able to bring all of that to the stage and talk about what we’ve done in 10 years through the medium of what we still love to do is quite rare, so I’m excited about what we’re about to do. 

It’s your second panto at the Cliffs - are you glad to be back?
Jordan: Home turf! 

Perrie: Yeah the Cliffs is super close to us all of us really, the last one was really fun so can’t wait to get back on the stage. We all live really close to here.

Jordan: Yeah most of us are quite local, we came here as kids and it’s where we grew up. I remember watching shows here as a kid and I watched pantos here as a kid as well. I also had a date here at a panto, it didn’t go well, I was like 10 so it was with her family.

How are you at learning lines as well as dance moves?
Ashley: Pretty good! Sam is good, he had a lot of acting experience when he was younger. There has been a lot of script learning.

Jordan: I’ve forgotten lines a few times on TV presenting, I’ve gone to announce an act and forgotten their name before and that’s really awkward. 

Where are your favourite places to eat in Essex?
Jordan: So if you want a really good burger, Smokin’ Griddle or Mangetout in Southend is really good.

Ashley: Le Benaix that’s a really nice restaurant.

Jordan: Yeah that’s if you want to be posh. The Anchor in Hullbridge is really nice.

Warren: The Peterboat in Leigh-on-Sea.

So a lot of you now have children in your life, how is it balancing rehearsals with family life?
Jordan: I’ve got two kids, Ash has a daughter, Warren’s got his daughter, Tel’s got one on the way due in like 3 months, my boy is the oldest one. So in the past year, since last May, there’s been a dynamic shift. There used to be dogs in rehearsals but now there’s babies coming to the studio and shows. Where we’ve kind of all done it at the same time, everyone gets it and it feels weird to now imagine us without kids. 

What is your advice for children who want to start dancing?
Jordan: Not to sound like Nike, but I think you’ve just got to do it. I feel like it can stop someone if they feel scared, you can think of a thousand excuses but you have just got to try. 

Ashley: And work hard as well, I think a lot of people feel like because of Youtube or watching talent shows that you get a routine together, you put it out there and people think they’re good, but we danced for I don’t know how many years before all of that. So just work hard, week in week out and it’ll work for you.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up for 2020?
Ashley: Yeah we do actually, we’ve got a few new things. Jordan’s doing The Greatest Dancer, I’m doing Dancing on Ice, I’ve got a show coming out on Channel 4 called Flirty Dancing which should be good. We’ve got a few live bits and pieces coming up, we’re back at Butlins doing our summer run where we’re teaching academies and workshops and doing shows. It’s already a busy year!

Quick Fire

Favourite dance move?

Favourite song right now?
Stormzy - Take me back to London

Favourite restaurant?

Favourite breakfast?
Jordan: Sausage and Egg McMuffin 

Ashley: Eggs Benedict

Perrie: Poached egg and avocado on toast

Summer or winter?

Describe the last 10 years in three words
‘As a group’

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