Outstanding Thundersley school now branded inadequate after serious safeguarding concerns raised

April 24, 2019 by Leigh-on-sea.com

The King John School in Thundersley has been branded inadequate after inspectors raised concerns about safeguarding issues. 

The school, which has approximately 2000 pupils, was last rated 'outstanding' in 2013, but the latest report states that an "outstanding quality of education" has not been maintained.

Ofsted Inpsectors criticised the School for not keeping the most vulnerable pupils safe or following legal rules designed to protect them. It was also reported that the most able pupils were also being let down. Other concerns also raised were that of limited understanding delivered to pupils to county lines, drug dealings and gangs.

Some positives were acknowledged by the Inspectors in that the quality of teaching is high and that the outcome for pupils is good, particulary in the sixth form. The curriculum was also praised.

The current Head of the school has written to parents stating that the safeguarding issues rised are "not acceptable" and that an external review of governance will take place, as well as a full review of school leadership and mangement. 

A full report will be released tomorrow. 

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