Over £2000 Raised for Friends of Leigh Library Garden

September 10, 2020

Friends of Leigh Library Gardens are delighted by the support received so far for The People's Path.

An amazing £2265 has been donated; this represents 13 metres of the 42 metre long path. It's great start for this community project, which was identified, in response to feedback from Leigh-on-Sea residents, as a much needed improvement to the Gardens.

If the Friends can meet their fundraising target, the path will replace the current desire line through the Gardens which is just earth making it muddy and dangerous in wet weather and over the winter. A new hard wearing path will improve access and make mobility around the Gardens easier, as well as visually enhancing the community space in the upper Gardens.

The Friends have contributed in excess of 400 volunteer hours in the Gardens since the easing of lockdown but this improvement project is something that requires a competent specialist to carry out the work.

With many members of the community and visitors to Leigh-on-Sea making great use of and enjoying Leigh Library Gardens, this appeal is an opportunity for people personally to contribute to making an important part of Leigh somewhere we can be proud of.

If you are able to make a contribution and share the Friends funding page, they would be most grateful for your support. https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-peoples-path-friends-of-leigh-library-gardens