Phew, what a scorcher!

July 5, 2015 by Rob Kahl

Phew, what a scorcher!

Wimbledon has started and for a change we are currently experiencing a bit of a heatwave (at least that saves us from listening to Cliff Richard singing in a rain delay again!).

Everybody knows what to do when the weather heats up. Drink plenty of water and wear lots of suncream but what about properties? Is there anything you need to do?

Well if you are selling or renting then obviously you want to show the property off and you want it to be a comfortable temperature for people when they are viewing.

Lots of people close all of the curtains and blinds during the day so that when they return home from work their homes are cooler. This is fine but if someone is viewing you do not want them thinking the property is dark, so make sure they are open well before and everything is bright and airy.

If we have a property which is empty that we are carrying out viewings on then we always get to the property at least 10 minutes before to make sure that windows and doors are open so it is not too hot and curtains are drawn so it is nice and bright.

This is really important in flats that perhaps haven’t got any outside space. If they are shut up all day they can get very stuffy and retain cooking or bin smells from the previous evening, not very pleasant as a first impression.

People will realise in this weather that the lawn may look a little parched and dry but flower beds should be full and abundant at the moment so make sure they are shown off and tidy away the kids paddling pool and BBQ and beer bottles from the weekends gathering.

I went to a house the other day and the garden wasn’t huge but it was totally taken up by an inflatable swimming pool which was about 15ft around, it made me wish I had taken my swimming trunks but I couldn’t really see the garden at all as you couldn’t even get round it to go to the back.

Also think about yourself when you are showing a property. As estate agents we don’t really have a choice, we are at least supposed to look smart but if it is your home then obviously you can wear what you like when you show people round. But remember first impressions count! It may well be boiling hot but that is no excuse to answer the door in your Speedo’s and string vest or even your G-String bikini, people are there to look at you house not to be put off by your wobbly white bits!


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