When You're Pictured, not 'Papp'd' (snapped)

November 3, 2014 by Keith Hoskins

Everyone agrees that photos make brilliant gifts but sometimes it seems that getting the perfect picture is more trouble than it's worth.

As a photographer with heaps of experience, I can help you get great Pictures from your smart phone (text 'phonepics' to 07931593241 and I'll send you my 7 top tips) but if you want to spend a bit of money on getting the family shot professionally, here are some useful hints to help you get the most out of your time with photographer, especially for the youngest family members.

Babies will often pick upon any stress you might be feeling, so try and stay calm on the day. If possible, keep to your usual routine. If your little one takes a nap at a certain time of day, it's best to book your appointment after or well before. A tired baby is usually an unhappy baby!

Make sure your photographer builds in plenty of breaks during your session. It's likely to take everyone some time to relax and feel comfortable in the unfamiliar surroundings of the studio so everyone needs to be patient and take it easy as much as possible. The last thing you need is to feel under pressure because time is running out.

You can usually bring a change of clothes - or several. With babies and small children it's best to bring their 'special' clothes with you and get them changed in the studio, rather than dress them up at home. Of course accidents can and do happen but even the most unfortunate stain can usually be photoshopped out!

The most important factor for a good result is that everyone should feel comfortable, not only with the atmosphere in the studio but also in the clothes they're wearing. Of course you'll want to ensure that clothes can be changed in private.

I had a great photoshoot with a family last week: mum, two grown-up children, a 10 year old and a baby. Baby's usually full of smiles but on this particular day she was a little out of sorts, wouldn't eat breakfast etc. We got some lovely pics but afterwards Mum apologised for the baby's lack of smiles. Even the best mum in the world can't guarantee a smiley baby on demand.

An experienced photographer will be used to getting great photos in less than ideal circumstances. And it's not always the cheesy grin that makes the best portrait. Don't forget that these days eyes can be swapped from one shot to another - very helpful with persistent blinkers - and all sorts of imperfections can be dealt with seamlessly.

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