Pop-up Essex Writers House

February 12, 2018 by Ray Morgan

For the whole of March, Chalkwell Hall in our dear Chalkwell Park is being turned into a pop-up Essex Writers House thanks to Metal Culture and a partnership with Essex Book Festival. 

It will play host to a huge range of literary events and opportunities for writers and literature lovers alike. Six writers-in-residence will stay in the house across March, and as someone who has rented desk space in Chalkwell Hall before, it's incredibly conducive to inspiration. 

If you're a writer who struggles to get peace and quiet, they're offering free desk rentals throughout March which I highly recommend. I've booked myself on one - panoramic views of the estuary plus just sitting in a Grade II listed building with endless tea just somehow makes you feel more writerly. 

Other events throughout March include panel sessions with writers, spoken word events, author talks, publishing advice sessions, writing workshops, children's book-themed events (from the fantastic Jacqson Diego - if you have wee ones, look them up), a pub quiz and more. There's so much!

I'm really excited to be involved in some of these events too - you can catch me performing a brand new piece of material at Damn Write feminist storytelling evening on 2 March with local theatre company Old Trunk. 

Also, I'm co-hosting a spoken word evening with my 'Sundown Arts' hat on, on Friday 16 March called 'I am looking for words' - featuring Matt Abbott, Molly Naylor, Rachel Pantechnicon, and spoken-word themed DJ sets from Michael Webster of Asylums/BAIT (Cool Thing Records) and Junkshop Jukebox and Library of Aethers from Southend's independent radio station Ship Full of Bombs. It's going to be super. 

My other top picks: Historical Fiction Workshop from local author Sam Lierens aka Lizzie Page, who is author of the War Nurses trilogy, advising budding writers to get started on writing storues set in the past. Also, local author Syd Moore talks 'Spiritualists, Spies and Scandals' on the occult networks in operation during World War II. Very exciting!

There's so much else I couldn't possibly list it all here, but it's a massive opportunity for people to attend some brilliant events, take a look inside Chalkwell Hall, and get inspired. I can't wait. I hope to see some of you there!

Find out more and book tickets at http://www.metalculture.com/projects/popupwritershouse/

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