Protection connection

September 6, 2018 by

When I started on my journey into financial services way back when in early 2000’s, when the mortgage market was in a  slightly different place, with self certification, heavy adverse credit applications, 125% mortgages,  I walked into a room with a laptop (which at the time I considered myself to be at the cutting edge of technology) and a head full of ‘ how hard can this be??’

I had just gone through a series of exams that taught me all about regulation, what a mortgage was, the various risks involved ad a very broad overview of protection.

Now these qualifications I am not belittling, but this is what I was set adrift with and a very ‘sales’ driven regional manager whom was looking for numbers – which of course is nothing unusual, and obviously there are these commercials behind any appointment in any business – but interestingly I was set off with my laptop and a very limited knowledge of how this all worked.

As I worked through many years of this type of company and indeed when I first branched out self employed in 2007, it was I who gave not only the mortgage advice (which was always my real area of expertise) but also all of the protection surrounding the mortgage, and therefore the clients (or indeed my own) largest debt they are ever likely to take on.

As Affinity grew it became increasingly apparent to me that the advice that mortgage brokers gave to clients surrounding their protection policies, in my opinion, was very ‘samey’ – Life cover, maybe some Critical Illness if a client thought this may be a good idea.

So early on in our growth I took the decision to look for a professional Insurance person to assist – someone who’s market was insurance – someone who could seamlessly fulfil clients needs and fit it within their budget but make the protection individual to that client. Most importantly to actually get to speak to a client whom wants to be talked to. It is extremely worrying to think that clients walk away with no protection at all when it comes to their mortgage, and in fact most of our clients choose to insure their phone to a greater level than themselves!!!!!

Our main driver was that our clients shouldn’t suffer because we are busy, it is vital that they walk away with the right protection for themselves and their families but more importantly as much cover as we can get within their budget and in the most efficient way.

I can proudly say that I feel our protection team is something else that really sets us apart from our competition. We have protection specialists, in standard Mortgage protection, life cover, serious/critical illness, Income protection.

The newest member of our protection team, Natalie Paraskeva, joins us having worked for a very large insurance provider concentrating on the business protection area – this has been an area that is very rarely looked at for clients, and can be a huge money saving opportunity for people – and the most exciting thing for us as a business is not only do we feel we have someone who is absolutely top of her game in terms of advising our Ltd company directors and self employed cliental in this area but like all of our protection we offer this service completely free of charge

If you feel like you would like a completely free appraisal of whether the protection you have is suitable, or would like to look at some protection for yourself or your family then please give us a call today on 01702 337003 or email us