Residents and businesses asked for their input into private landlord licence consultation

November 6, 2020

A consultation has been launched to find out what people think about regulating the private landlord sector in Southend-on-Sea with a licencing scheme.

The consultation is asking for people’s views about private landlords paying a fee in order to regulate the private tenancy market.

Benefits if you are a landlord include:

  • A fairer environment for you, ensuring that the same standards of accommodation and management are delivered across all private rented homes
  • Reducing of the gap between good and poor landlords, raising professional standards and improving public opinion
  • Support during the scheme, offering services and partnerships that meet your needs

Benefits if you are a private tenant include:

  • Improved standards of property, security and decency
  • Increased safety in your own home and protection from illegal evictions
  • Better information on your rights and expected standards in your home
  • Better protection of vulnerable tenants

There are also benefits for the wider community, including improved partnership working, which should lead to more effective tackling of issues, such as anti-social behaviour and dangerous housing conditions, plus improvements to the town overall for example, better maintenance of outdoor areas.

Cllr Ian Gilbert, leader of the council with a responsibility for housing, said: “Delivering a selective licensing scheme that drives up the quality of housing in Southend and protects tenants is a key priority for us.

“Despite the difficult circumstances, I am pleased that we are still able to progress this work which is important to the town. In order to take this forward, we really need people involved in the private rental sector to help us by completing this survey, whether it be online, on paper or over the phone.”

Initially discussed by councillors at the end of 2019, the scheme was shelved during the Coronavirus lockdown but has since been revitalised.

The consultation launched Monday 2 November and closes on Monday 11 January 2021. To find out more visit:


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