Review of Diversity's Supernova By Lynn Carroll

March 23, 2024

When you reach a certain age, and that number is different for everyone, it can sometimes feel than nothing has the power to thrill, excite, elate or surprise any more, you have been there, done that and got the tee-shirt. But then, like a bolt out of the blue, something comes along that elicits all of those feelings and emotions that can bring you to the point of tears.

Having gladly accepted the call to review this show I was expecting to see an elongated version of Diversity’s winning performance on Britain’s Got Talent fifteen years ago. How wrong can you be? The moment I entered the foyer I could sense the excitement; an atmosphere of expectancy and the more tangible evidence of smiling faces, loud voices and a crush that signified that this show was sold out. Despite arriving quite early I could not get a space in the car park!

From the moment I took my seat I just knew this was going to be special and I was not disappointed. Truthfully I do not know where to begin as I try to trawl through my memory of the evening. The sudden burst of light and music heightened all the senses and then came the realisation that there were several dancers high up on the stage and the auditorium just exploded with cheering, clapping and anticipation.

In the first part of the show a narrator led us into the story, popping on and off stage at frequent intervals. This led us nicely into the crux of the show’s message which started with a spectacular car crash on stage. Without giving too much away suffice to say the special effects and amazing technology blended with real life performers gave us a feast for the eyes. It seems to me this blend just gets better and better with each show of this kind I am able to attend.

Whilst he lies in a coma we delve into the mind and memories of the car driver, back to his childhood when his dreams were to reach the stars. The cutest little lad played this part on film but even that was magical, interspersed as it was with dance, light shows and many light hearted moments from his past. It was easy to understand the struggle of the badly injured man to claw his way back to life and reality.

As I sat spellbound at the spectacle before me I realised that I was smiling constantly, a smile which slipped only when faced with a few emotional moments. I found myself musing, not only about the abundance of talent on stage, but the stamina required, the imaginative story telling through dance, the combining of technology with art which almost defied logic to an average tech user like me. I found myself wondering how these guys and gals found the energy to bring this show to life night after night.

At show’s end the thunderous applause and cheering reached deafening heights but quietened down while Ashley spoke to the audience and thanked us. I truly felt it should have been us thanking them. Before we left the auditorium I spoke with a young lad, after asking parents’ permission, and asked if he had enjoyed the show. He was a little shy but he didn’t need to say much to convey his pleasure.

But for us lucky few it wasn’t the end as we had been invited to a meet and greet session in the Cliff Restaurant where Ashley, Jordan and Perri gave further proof of what I had always suspected, they are thoroughly nice guys who seem genuinely unspoiled by the success they have achieved.

As our numbers were few we were able to spend some enjoyable time with all three, chatting and taking photos. They were so easy to speak with and I asked Ashley how they manage to keep up with such a rigorous regime. He reminded me that when they won BGT he was 19 but at 35 still feels as able as ever, and I certainly won’t argue with that, seeing is believing. I had not realised that they were local lads and had wrongly assumed that Perri was a brother of Ashley and Jordan, however, his sister Starr is a member of Diversity.

This show has a longer than usual run and I strongly urge you to see it for yourself, you will not be disappointed and age is irrelevant, whether 7 or 70 it will be enjoyed by all.


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