Robs Renovation - Zero - Part 2

October 5, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Speaking to the number of people I have over the years that have undergone a refurbishment or re-development of their home, you would think that I would be the last person to fall in to the same old trap of expecting it all to be done over night. Right?.... wrong!!!

It may be refreshing for you lot to know, that I am exactly the same as everybody else...... What you thought us Estate Agents had super human powers? So did we!!!

Despite supposedly knowing about property and developments, I have learnt in the last few weeks that I am just like any other ‘client’ to an architect / builder and expect everybody to bend over backwards to get my house finished.

Well, I can tell you that since my last blog regarding the renovation works on my home ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has happened.

The architect came over 3 weeks ago and measured up the house. As I detailed before, we gave him a brief of what we are looking to achieve so I thought I would hear from him within 10 days with our dream family home, mapped out in front of me!! .. but no… he took the details, swanned off on holiday for 2 weeks and is due to START them when he gets back… (to be fair, he probably told me all of this but im only human and was still secretly hoping like a kid in a sweet shop that he would deliver them 2 days later).

Now, of course I appreciate that people have families and are allowed to go on holiday, but surely it would have been more considerate of him to have gone away earlier in the year before I came along with my big ideas?

So what have I already learnt… that maybe, just maybe, my expectations were a little bit high? I'm sure that the architect has more than one client that is breathing down his neck for drawings.

I know and feel it already, this whole renovation is going to make my hair greyer which I have already embraced and have accepted….and a lesson it is certainly going to teach me which is not something that I am currently very good at……….Patience! 

This article is by Rob Kahl at Scott & Stapleton


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