Sounds Familiar Music Quiz

January 30, 2018 by Ray Morgan

On Saturday, I went to the Sounds Familiar Music Quiz in the Maritime Rooms at the Cliffs Pavilion. From the Broker quiz on a Sunday night to University Challenge to my Mum printing out a Harry Potter quiz for me and my sister to do at Christmas (yes, that happened) - I adore quizzes. This one from the SFMQ team is a well-established quiz night in London, Manchester and Brighton, and they came to little old Southend on Sea last weekend. I'd never been to a specifically music-based quiz before, and in short, it was a hoot.

Firstly, it was packed. The Maritime Rooms had so many teams squished in we could barely move between tables, quiz-goers brandishing inflatable microphones and guitars, and the atmosphere was high fun. I was pleased to see several pals on other teams who I didn't know were going - nothing like a bit of fierce competition between friends.

The rounds ranged from "Songs from 2017" (why is every song 'featuring' another artist? Can't people release songs on their tod any more? I felt old in this round) to "Famous duos" and "Songs with well-known handclaps". It was so fun. My team-mates and I won best team name for 'Kanye Westcliff' (I know, good right? I have pun-loving friends) AND we came third! Third!

I drank far too much prosecco and ended up belting out Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' into a blow-up microphone with my friend. We hit the dance floor (when the quiz is done, it turns into a disco like you'd have at your auntie's wedding, zero cool music was played and I was 100% ok with that) and I slopped my wine about, pretending I didn't know the moves to the Macarena.

This quiz suits all generations (well, over 18s obvs), and all music tastes. It wasn't all terrible pop, there was a good smattering of reggae, rock, indie and some brilliant mash-ups - so everyone on the team can get involved. Plus, you always learn something. I didn't know who the heck Skip Marley was, but apparently he sang with Katy Perry on her last single. If that comes up in a quiz again, I'm golden. I also didn't know that I'd be able to successfully identify a Dave and Ansell Collins song after epic quantities of prosecco but there you have it. It was a truly fun night out, and we're lucky to be able to experience it on our home turf!

The next Sounds Familiar Music Quiz takes place on Saturday 10 March at 7pm at the Maritime Room, Cliffs Pavilion. You can buy tickets at


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