Test results show ‘good’ water quality at Southchurch Park lake

May 10, 2019 by Leigh-on-sea.com

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and the Environment Agency are urging residents to refrain from dumping fish in a local park lake following a spate of deceased fish appearing recently. 

Over the past eight weeks, residents have contacted the council over concerns of chemicals being added to the water, causing fish to die. However, following testing of the water by the Environment Agency, the results showed the water quality is not the problem. 

The lake at Southchurch Park was not stocked with fish by the council and the inspection by the Environment Agency found a mixture of feral goldfish, koi and carp, which have most likely been dumped in the lake by people who no longer want them in their home pond. A number of the fish are showing signs of bacterial and fungal. infection.

Scott Dolling, director of culture, tourism and property, said: “Across the borough, the council’s parks team work hard to maintain the high standards we set ourselves in our parks, which has led to Southend having five Green Flag parks, including Southchurch Park.

“The welfare of the fish placed in the lake is important to us and we are working with the Environment Agency on the best way to address the problems at Southchurch Park. I would like to confirm that parks team do not use any chemicals in ponds or lakes that would endanger wildlife.

“Introducing fish into a lake can spread disease and sadly, this is what appears to have happened in Southchurch Park.

“We kindly ask that unwanted fish are rehomed appropriately and not released into our lakes and ponds. We also would ask that people do not place native species including tadpoles in our ponds and lakes as this can spread diseases.”

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