The Boatyard Restaurant on market to be leased

November 15, 2018 by

One of Leigh's leading restaurants The Boatyard has been put on the market to be leased. 

Current owner John Cross, who bought the site back in 1993, has instructed agent Ayers and Cruiks to find someone to lease the business from him and has not ruled out selling it if the price is right!

The restaurant, which currently shows an annual turnover of approximately £2 million boasts beautiful views and is popular amongst locals. 

Owner of Ayers and Cruiks, Steve Ayers, has confirmed the initial outlay to buy the lease would be £350,000 and then a £150,000 per year with a view to somebody taking it for at least ten years.

Owner Mr Cross, is keen for the person who leases it to maintain the current fine dining theme and has confirmed that there will be no staff changes. 

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