Statement regarding Martin Goldberg of Thorpe Hall School

September 30, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Councillor Anne Jones, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s Executive Councillor for Children and Learning, says:

“I am extremely shocked and upset to hear this news. We have been working very closely with Essex Police and Thorpe Hall School since this matter was drawn to our attention earlier this month.

“As a parent myself, I can understand how upsetting this must be to all those concerned.

“The Council’s primary focus at this time are the children and families directly involved from Thorpe Hall school, as well as working with partner agencies to ensure the necessary support is available to the wider community.

“We have been informed by the Police that some of these images were covertly taken at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre swimming pool changing rooms, and are therefore working with Legacy Leisure who operate the facility on our behalf.

“Legacy Leisure has fully cooperated with the Police investigation. They have rigorous safeguarding arrangements in place which they continue to monitor and review to ensure that they are of the highest standard.

“We will continue to work closely with Essex Police, Essex County Council and others to provide that support and ensure that all appropriate action is taken.

“Members of the community are encouraged to access the Essex Police helpline or contact the Council’s Children’s Services should they have any concerns.”

Partner agencies are also contactable to provide support and advice:
Essex Police helpline Telephone: 0800 0560944 or +44 207 1580010 if calling from abroad
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Children’s Services Telephone: 01702 534506
Essex County Council Social Services - Adult Social Care Telephone: 0845 603 7630
Children and young people Telephone: 0845 603 7627
Childline The UK's free, confidential helpline for children and young people. Telephone: 0800 11 11

Web: NSPCC - Free confidential service for anyone concerned about children at risk, including children themselves. (24 hour Freephone) Telephone: 0808 800 5000 Web: Email: