All you need to know about the UK dog virus

February 6, 2020 by Emily Mertens

A suspected dog virus has been reported to be going around the UK, with a number of vets warning dog owners to keep an eye out for any warning signs.

Symptoms to look for:
- Vomiting over five days or more
- Diarrhoea
- Lack of eating
- Lethargic
Having blood in their stools

Reports have stated that the amount of dogs suffering with vomiting and diarrhea has seen an increase in the last week, which has become quite concerning. 

The virus has been reported in The Aldham Veterinary Centre near Colchester and The Forge Veterinary Centre in Halstead as well as other locations across the UK.

The Echo reported that 474 cases have been reported to SAVSNET, with 59 of these cases being 'current'. 

For those who may think their dog has been affected by the bug, owners are encouraged to go to their vet to seek expert help.