Legal Eagle Q & A: When an investment property crosses the family line

March 12, 2018 by Melinda of Giles Wilson Solicitors

Question:  My wife and I bought an investment flat and allowed our daughter to live in there on the agreement she would pay us a low rent.  She has allowed two of her friends to move in with her, and they are not only not paying any rent to us, they are not paying towards the rent that our daughter pays.  It is a really difficult situation – our daughter is embarrassed but also cannot stand up to her friends, and we are getting seriously fed up with the situation. Because our daughter is the tenant we do not have a tenancy agreement – what can we do?

Answer: Tenancy agreements do not have to be in writing, and so you are entitled to serve Notice on your daughter as she is the legitimate tenant.  This may be awkward but something that I would seriously advise you do as otherwise this situation will only get worse for you and your relationship with your daughter.  Hopefully when you get passed this, you can then form a new arrangement if you wish for her to rent the property from you.

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