Work to restore the historical Priory Park Gates begins

July 13, 2017 by

The work is being done to mark 100 years since the park was gifted to the Borough by R A Jones, and also forms part of the Borough’s 125th birthday celebration.  

The refurbishment work will be carried out by the end of the summer and will see one gate completely renovated and the replacement of the gatepost lion statues.  

Cllr Ann Holland, Executive Cllr for Culture, Tourism and the Economy, says: “The Priory Park memorial gates are an important part of our history and a visual reminder that the park was given to the Borough for the good of the people by R A Jones in 1917, exactly 100 years ago.  

“It is fitting to refurbish and restore them to mark this milestone and also 125 years of the Borough’s charter. The gates record this great gift.  

“The works will conserve the gates for future generations and include the replacing the lion statues that originally sat atop each gatepost which disappeared in the late 20th Century.   

“I am looking forward to the works completing and seeing the gates in their full glory once again.”

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