An evening at Create98

March 11, 2019 by Ray Morgan

On a cold Wednesday night, I escaped the howling wind and spittle of March rain and nestled myself in the calm, warm oasis that is Create98, for my first ever workshop there.

Many of you reading this will already have seen Create98 on the Broadway; a creative space that hosts a multitude of workshops from painting and crochet to poetry and cooking.

Gardening was the theme of the class I went on; a dozen of us sat in the cosy basement and learned 'How to create the perfect garden border'. We learned the structure of how a border should be planted, and talked ultimate go-to plants (which was absolutely great, steam was practically coming off my biro I was scribbling so fast).

Halfway through, the lovely Hannah from Create98 took hot drinks orders and we gathered in the communal kitchen to chat, drink tea, and eat a homemade vegan Victoria Sponge so delicious I wolfed it down as though I hadn't had any dinner (Note: I had definitely had dinner). 

I got chatting to the woman next to me, who had come all the way from Wanstead after googling gardening workshops. She recommended some great sounding nurseries in North London which I noted down in my book. I said to her how lucky we are that there is such a creative collective in our little town of Leigh on Sea. 

Create98 is bursting with activity - workshops both in the daytime and in the evenings, over forty tutors, and a summer programme that has me reaching for my diary. 

I went home feeling not only excited about my future classes there, and future pals made at the workshops, but about the dozen plants in my notebook that I will be buying at my next trip to the garden centre...

To find out more about what Create98 has to offer, head to or pop in to pick up their brand new brochure. 


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