September 27, 2014 by Angela Poplett

So we've had a great summer and ladies you've been wearing a lot more dresses, right? Dresses that you're not quite ready to banish to the bag under the bed or your loft until next year just yet?...... and why should you?

It may come as a surprise to some, but I personally don't have a seperate summer and winter wardrobe, I wear my clothes all year round...... well except the full on winter coats that is.

So now im going to let you in on a little secret on how your summer day dresses can carry you right through to autumn by just knowing how to 'layer up'.

So, lets start with just one dress. Have you picked one? It needs to be patterned one. ....Great.. Now simply add a pair of opaque tights in one of the colours from the dress or the background colour. As an example, if I'm picking a floral dress that has red roses and a black background, then one of those two colours is the colour to go for, got it?

Now pick a jacket to go over the top, my advice is normally in the syle of a blazer jacket to look more smart or a biker style jacket for a more street relaxed look; this should be the opposite colour to the tights.

Finally, add black boots,. For just the day, or even to take you from day to night, I suggest ankle boots. ..and Job done!

What if that isn't warm enough? It's simple, add more layers!!

I suggest you add a stretch cotton bodycon basic dress to go underneath. H&M do them for about £7 & and I generally keep a couple in the wardrobe. Because they do them in all the seasons colours, you generally will find one to go under most dresses. For instance, ff your dress has a navy base colour to it, then go navy. If it has a black base colour then go black.

Still not warm enough? Ok, swop the jacket for a chunky piece of knitwear and use a long sleeve basic under the dress. If your knitwear is a cardigan then take a slim belt and pop that over the top, you can even add a scarf.

Feel free to contact me via my Facebook page Angela Poplett stylist or my website if you have questions.... or why dont you download my fantastic voucher for a complete wardrobe detox and shop?

Keep warm!!


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