Are Cocoon coats all you dare to wear this winter?

October 12, 2014 by Angie Poplett

Are Cocoon coats all you dare to wear this winter?

Love it or loathe it, Autumn is definitely here!

It's raining outside, the mornings are a little chillier, so it's the right time to invest in your winter coat.... But how do you choose?

Firstly, it'll need to keep you warm... So let's talk fabrics.

You need to look for a natural fibre content: wool being the warmest for fabrics and then down for quilted garments. I know my vegetarian and vegan friends will not be impressed with that, but they're quite simply the warmest fabrics. Cheaper garments will have a low natural fibre content... So do check the label before you purchase. Polyester and acrylic will not keep you warm, but do make the garment hard wearing.

So, you're warm, always important, but just as much so, is ’shape’!!!

Fashion at the moment is all about the cocoon shape. If you’re of average height and above, this look is so going to work so check out River Island and H&M; they both stock an extensive offering in both colour and finishes! Unfortunately, this massively over-sized looked, as cool as it is, is definitely not for everyone and if you are quite petite, I would recommend avoiding it!

If you're looking for something a little more classic and better quality than this seasons much have, the Cocoon shape then check out All Saints Iris Lorie coat, it's stunning… it's made of good quality fabrics and the shape is beautiful. Marks and Spencer's also have some fitted coats including a belted hounds tooth coat and a pastel pink military style coat in their Limited Collection.

And its not just all about the cocoon coat this season if you want something cutting edge but don’t feel you can pull off the look. A huge trend is emerging in oversized sheep-skin flying jackets.... and don't fear you can still wear your Parker and biker coats too.

Last but not least, if you are looking for something fluffy and totally original then vintage is the way to go.... The East End Thrift Store is the place for those of you who love a bargain. I found a 100% wool cobalt blue original 80's coat for just £30!!!

Check it out online and of course please get in contact if you have any questions. Or 07812 244174.

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