Anna Firth Wins By-Election

February 4, 2022

Anna Firth was elected as MP for Southend West in yesterdays by-election. Anna will be taking the place of Sir David Amess who was tragically killed whilst service the community that he loved.

Anna, says she is standing to "preserve Sir David Amess' legacy".

"That means making the most of city status, getting more police officers and making our streets safer, getting better health care, improving our hospital, getting back to face-to-face GP appointments and supporting all our wonderful, successful businesses and community groups," she says.

"I want to make Southend on Sea the best seaside city in the country."

The results of the by-election were as follows:-

Christopher John Anderson - Freedom Alliance - 161

Catherine Anne Blaiklock - English Democrats - 320

Olga Victoria Childs - 52

Ben Downton - Heritage Party - 236

Anna Firth - Conservative - 12,792

Jayda Fransen - Independent - 299

Steve Laws - UK Independence Party - 400

Graham Harry Moore - English Constitution Party - 86

Jason Stephen Pilley - Psychedelic Movement - 512

Rejected ballot papers - 1,084


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