Artists In Residence at Leigh-on-sea Community Centre

April 19, 2023

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council are extremely pleased to announce their new Artists in Residence for the next two years. With excellent applications, the decision was tough so the Council are delighted to announce that a shared residency for two years has been agreed. Both Judith Lyall and Dorisarty (Anne Pettenuzzo and Claire Burgoyne) are taking on the position, based in the studio space at Leigh Community Centre.

Judith’s passion is for painting on porcelain which she started in the 1980’s. She has taught at workshops, Adult College and schools and is now looking forward to promote the regrowth of this wonderful art form at Leigh Community Centre and will start by painting in Cup of Leigh, the café within the Centre to gain interest for a small beginners class.

Dorisarty is named after a sea goddess and with both Anne and Claire living in Leigh-on-Sea there is a strong connection with the Estuary so they reclaimed the name a little like some of the land around Leigh being reclaimed from the sea. Anne and Claire have shared values of inclusively and creativity for all. Their first event as Artist in Residence will be to host an art discussion evening.

From 1st April, a shared exhibition in the Community Centre offers a chance for everyone to have a first glimpse at the Council’s new Artists in Residence and the Council looks forward to a wonderful two years of working with them all.


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